Sustainable. Simple. Safe.

We are making the art world's transition to sustainable shipping easy.

Using light, re-usable crates in our white glove shipping service, your art travels with up to 70% less emissions, 90% less waste and all at affordable prices.

There are commercial advantages too!
After all, you save time and cost if you don't need to design and build a wooden crate.

Book a half hour online demo to
learn how our re-usable crate service
can help make your operations more streamlined and sustainable.

How it works

Just ask for a quote, confirm with online payment and we'll organise the rest!

We coordinate with our specialist fine art handling partners to use our crates in a gold standard nail to nail service. Air ride trucks, climate control and trained handlers every step of the way.


Up to 90% less waste and carbon neutral - targeting 70% less actual emissions, with the remaining offset in Gold Standard schemes.


Get a quote. Book it.
Shipping to a buyer, art fair or between business units it's that easy to immediately reduce your carbon footprint.


Our unique crates are IATA certified with the same shock and vibration protection used for transporting delicate aerospace instruments.

Our services

All carbon neutral. All white glove. All superior safety.

We are a full service, nail-to-nail fine art shipper from condition reporting, airport supervision to installation.

 With decades of experience we ship worldwide and our services are always carbon neutral. Our unique low emissions and low waste reusable crate service is currently operating around the UK and between London and New York.


All art handling by trained technicians

All road transport in specialist fine art trucks with air ride and climate control

All storage in secure, heated facilities

All shipments are carbon neutral


Using light, reusable crates in our service is much more efficient than wooden crates. The benefits are both environmental and commercial - after all, if you don't need to design and build a bespoke wooden crate then that saves time and cost!

And it's easy, as our specialist crates come as part of the shipping service, so:

No upfront costs. No complex processes. No crate storage.  


Return route operating between London and New York.
Routes between Paris, LA, and Miami opening in 2021.

 Service advantages over traditional methods:

  • Emissions: Up to 70% actual emissions reduction with remaining offset
  • Waste: Up to 90% reduction
  • Speed: London to New York in 7 to 10 days
  • Cost: London to New York starting from £620 (excl Insurance)


Operating UK wide to and from London.
Opening in New York, Paris, LA, and Miami in 2021.

 Service advantages over traditional methods:

  • Emissions: 100% emissions offsetting
  • Waste: Up to 90% reduction
  • Speed: London same day / next day pick up and delivery in a TOKONEY crate
  • Cost: London same day / next day from £150 (excl VAT & Insurance)


With decades of fine art logistics expertise, our passion for art, art services and highly specialised engineering ensure every object travels, and arrives, in perfect safety.

Packing & Fabrication

Though we will always guide our customers towards our more sustainable crates, sometimes it's not practical - in that event we can provide and extensive range of crate options including museum specification.

International Customs
& Bonded Warehousing

Extensive expertise in dealing with the protocols associated with moving art around the world with an Approved Bonded Customs Warehouse in London, enabling safe, secure bonded storage and handling of art and antiques.

Our partners

We proudly work with experienced specialists, providing the a highest standard of white glove service.

Tuplin Fine Art


TFA provide a full range of fine art handling and logistics services to some of the UK’s most prestigious galleries, museums, and institutions.

AETNA Fine Art

New York

Serving and improving the fine art world with an unrivalled approach to art handling.

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