Sustainable International Art Shipping In Today’s Modern World

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Sustainable Art Movement In Today’s Modern World

Saving our beautiful planet - It’s no longer just the subject of political debates filled with passion.

In today’s world, it lies at the heart of a growing number of museum exhibitions designed to inspire artistic appreciation, with an immense desire that motivates people to deal with the environmental challenges we all face.

Sustainable living is now a huge part of our day-to-day life. In every corner of the globe, people are doing their best to take care of our environment, whether it’s planting trees or picking up rubbish on the beach -  things have changed. We’re all being pushed towards an eco-friendly lifestyle, especially within the business world. In fact, some of the very best are leading the way by thriving in sustainable investments.

It’s clear that our modern world now focuses on sustainable living, and has quickly become a growing factor for so many artists and collectors, looking for change around how the art world operates. Art fairs, galleries, museums and auction houses all see the need to respond to this change. But what exactly is the relationship between sustainability and art?

Sustainable Living Through Masterpieces

There’s a powerful relationship between art, design, and sustainability that goes back many years. It’s something that has been realized throughout distinct genres, mediums, and time periods.

Sustainable art is defined as eco-friendly if it is made of upcycled materials, found objects, and is created through processes that do not cause harm to the earth’s natural resources. These creations, along with just how beautifully they are made, seek to highlight environmental degradation, along with the grating reality of global warming.

You can find prominent examples of sustainable art just by looking at some pieces from the incredible Italian inspiration - Bettina Werner. Bettina is world-renowned as the “Queen of Salt’’ as she is the first artist to exclusively utilise salt as an artistic medium.

For her, salt represents knowledge and wisdom, and has a long history of intimate necessity in human life. It’s the “Fifth element” for its importance to life on Earth; ultimately forming a powerful relationship between sustainability and arts.

For an industry that is so connected to the natural world there is a direct conflict with how it operates, with high emissions and waste used in the transport of these artworks around the world – this is the problem TOKONEY has seen. How can we reduce these harmful effects while letting the art world continue to grow?

Sustainable International Art Shipping

TOKONEY is a professional fine art transport company that focuses on sustainable domestic and international art shipping. Here at TOKONEY, we’re on a mission. A mission to accelerate the international fine art world’s transition to environmentally sustainable, affordable and fast art transport. A mission to make life easier and greener for all those within the art industry, and of course, a mission to reduce climate change.

With creative engineering at our core and a greener world at our fingertips, we continue to innovate to reduce costs, actual emissions, and target zero waste within our outstanding services. With sustainable London to New York art transport routes we can lower emissions by up to 70%, waste by 90% and lower costs too.

Our incredibly fast London art transport service uses light, reusable crates. In fact, we’re the first-ever international art shipping specialists to do so in such a sustainable way. Unlike other logistics companies that work within the fine art industry, our crates, along with the gold standard white glove service, is what sets us apart.

As a professional and modern art transport company, we handle everything from sustainable international art shipping to specialist services like installation, condition reporting, and everything that is needed to deliver art safely. The best part? It’s easy.

When you book with TOKONEY instead of receiving wooden crates that continue to negatively impact our environment, the service will include our TOKO ART CRATE that is able to reduce the weight of shipments by up to 70% which leads to an equivalent saving in emissions. So, if you use our London and New York based art transport service, you could save as much as 15% of your company's total emissions.

The TOKONEY Vision

The TOKONEY vision is to connect all the main art hubs of the world – London, Paris, New York, LA, Miami and Hong Kong – with sustainable shipping. Led by our founder and engineer, Hugo Cooke, our team is determined to keep on building on the vision as we believe that environmentally sustainable international art shipping can be safer, smoother, and more affordable than the traditional methods in place, and we’re setting out to prove it.

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