Top 5 art shipping headaches: sorted.

Avoid headaches – and shipping disasters – with our innovative tech and seamless service.

It’s easy to focus on the “ker-ching” moment when a sale is complete, but your job involves so much more than a successful sale or signed exhibition agreement.

First, your responsibility involves safe delivery of the artwork: no forklift spearing a valuable canvas, sloppy bubble-wrap imprints, or damage during installation - Tracey Emin’s My Uncle Colin once suffered holes on the back whilst being hung.

And your clients expect much more than just a safe arrival. They want you to juggle all the complex and stressful logistics, from the paperwork and international regulations and customs, to the flurry of emails and phone calls updating all the stakeholders… and more. Feeling the pressure?

Avoid the top 5 headaches of fine art shipping… with careful pre-sale and post-sale management from TOKONEY.

HeadacheThe TOKONEY cure
1. Damage to artwork
Dings, dents, nicks, knocks, breaks or even burglary.
• We are founded by engineers delivering precision in our processes and designs to provide superior protection.
Decades of arts expertise so we understand your priorities and provide secure handling at every stage.
Full logistics management for domestic or international shipments with dedicated fine art storage and vehicles located around the world.
2. Unreliable communication
Slow tracking updates, unresponsive agents, confusing emails and calls between multiple stakeholders.
Excellent customer service is our core principle ; we are a global company with a personal touch.
• We provide a seamless experience, for complex shipments involving multiple parties, we continue as your single point of contact.
Easy to use – online quoting, payment, document sharing and shipment tracking.
3. Unclear services
Some fine art shippers have a slick sales pitch, then surprise you with a higher-than-expected bill.
Professional & clear quotes and full transparency on costs.
Complete customisation on our quotes for the type and speed of delivery, making it easy to compare and choose.
Tailored services easily selected from installation to airport supervision or long-term storage.
4. Out-of-control documents 
Complex shipments involve a flurry of paperwork and important documents.
Stress-free logistics including support with all required documents such as export licences, customs clearance and proof of delivery.
Free document storage so your crucial paperwork is always secure.
5. High carbon emissions & waste
Sustainability is a growing concern, especially for millennial buyers.
• We are a green tech pioneer, building reusable crates that are integrated free of charge into our service.
• We can reduce emissions by up to 70% and waste by 90% by using these crates along our international routes.
Carbon-neutral shipping is free of charge on all our shipments.

Prevention is the best cure.
TOKONEY was created to help people like you avoid these headaches and provide a smooth and seamless service. Collectors and exhibition visitors don’t want – or need – to see the paddling beneath the surface as your logistics or shipping team manage complex and intricate packing and delivery.

We constantly innovate to meet the needs of the global art market – and keep art moving forward.

So the great news is that our service will be made even better with the launch of our platform in Spring 2022! You will get the same excellent customer service but now all the time consuming administration will be easier.

Find out more about how our seamless logistics, specialist art knowledge and precision engineering can help you deliver one-of-a-kind artworks anywhere in the world.