About us

Welcome to TOKONEY

Our mission is to accelerate the international fine art world’s transition to environmentally sustainable, affordable shipping.

With creative engineering at our core we will continually innovate to reduce cost, actual emissions and target zero waste in our nail-to-nail service.

Our founder, Hugo, grew up around the art world before his career took him into engineering where he learnt to harness new technologies to re-energise industries and help them build a better future.

He is now combining his two interests of art and engineering with a passion for creating a business that has a positive impact. TOKONEY was founded to invent and implement ideas that are commercially beneficial to the art world, while also tackling head-on the growing issue of emissions and waste.

The speed and security offered by air transport is crucial to the global sharing of ideas and perspective is makes the art world so valuable - but it comes at a cost. We are here to reduce that carbon footprint in a way that is easily accessible, so that the industry can continue to grow and focus on the positives.

The TOKONEY team are determined to keep on evolving the TOKONEY vision. We believe that environmentally sustainable shipping can be safer, smoother and more affordable than traditional methods, and we’re setting out to prove it.

About - Our Mission to realise sustainable fine art shipping