All carbon neutral. All white glove. All superior safety.

We are a full service, nail-to-nail fine art shipper from condition reporting, airport supervision to installation.

With decades of experience we ship worldwide and our services are always carbon neutral. Our unique low emissions and low waste reusable crate service is currently operating around the UK and between London and New York.

A combination of these services could reduce your total company emissions by up to 15%.


All art handling by trained technicians

All road transport in specialist fine art trucks with air ride and climate control

All storage in secure, heated facilities

All shipments are carbon neutral


Using light, reusable crates in our service is much more efficient than wooden crates. These efficiency benefits are not only environmental but there are also significant commercial advantages - after all, if you don't need to design and build a bespoke wooden crate then that saves time and cost!

And it's easy, as our specialist crates come as part of the shipping service, so:

No upfront costs. No complex processes. No crate storage.  


Return route operating between London and New York.
Further routes between Paris, LA, and Miami opening in 2021.

Service advantages over traditional methods:

Up to 70% emissions reduction by using our light crates over heavy wooden crates in air freight. 

Up to 90% waste reduction - all items from crates to foam cubes are designed to be reused a minimum of 100 times.
Sometimes plastic packaging, cardboard box or wooden t-frame is required to ensure safety - these can still be secured inside the TOKO ART CRATE to at least reduce the wooden crate waste - all single use materials are recycled.

London to New York or vice versa in as little as 7 to 10 days.

Our enhanced design means we can reduce cost while not compromising on service.
London to New York starting from £620 (not incl Insurance).

TOKO ART CRATES have advanced shock and vibration protection inside an IATA (International Air Transport Authority) approved crate design.


Operating UK wide to and from London.
Opening in New York, Paris, LA, and Miami in 2021.

Service advantages over traditional methods:

We offset all emissions and are working tirelessly to implement low emissions vehicles with our partners.

As per our international service, up to 90% waste reduction if an item is crated.
For items that do not need crating we use blanket wrap or art bags to reduce single use plastics.

London same day / next day pick up and delivery in a TOKONEY crate - our crates can adapt to secure any size and shape so we can offer a truly unique fast crate delivery service.

London same day / next day (not incl VAT & Insurance):
           - Ready packed (soft or crated): £150
           - Packed in a TOKO ART CRATE: £270

All items travel in specialist fine art vehicles - add in packing in a TOKO ART CRATE for unrivaled safety.


With decades of fine art logistics expertise, our passion for art, art services and highly specialised engineering ensure every object travels, and arrives, in perfect safety.

Packing & Fabrication

Though we will always guide our customers towards our more sustainable crates, sometimes it's not practical - in that event we can provide and extensive range of crate options including museum specification.

Careful artwork packing is key to the transportation of works of art, and our experts assess the nature and condition of each item, as well as its intended mode of transport, before deciding on the most appropriate solution. A team of fine art packing specialists ensures that we are able to design and fabricate bespoke packaging for the transportation of delicate or otherwise exotic works. 

International Customs
& Bonded Warehousing

Extensive expertise in dealing with the protocols associated with moving art around the world. We keep completely up to date with all changes relating to international customs regulations and legislation and document all import/export transactions for our clients, evidencing their full compliance with legal obligations.

 Our Approved Bonded Customs Warehouse in London, enables us to offer safe, secure bonded storage and handling of art and antiques.